Shawn Weston
Shawn Weston is a UX Designer based in the Greater New York City Area


Shawn Weston

Shawn Weston:
UX Rock Star

Informed by more than 15 years as an award-winning visual journalist and storyteller and trained as a UX professional at General Assembly, I transform complex design problems into engaging, meaningful user experiences.

My UX Process

I balance business goals and user needs to find the best solutions.

1. Research

I explore the brand, analyze the competitive landscape and take a deep dive into analytics to better understand the overall challenge of the project.

2. Interviews

I ask stakeholders and users questions that over the course of a conversation reveal their key motivations, behaviors, pain points and goals.

3. Synthesis

I analyze the insights from all my interviews and research to discover overall trends and actionable intelligence and define a solution.

4. architecture

Based on the synthesis of my research and results from other UX processes, I build the solution’s foundation — from global navigation to checkout flows.

5. design

With the foundation built, I do quick sketches of the design, evolving with each new iteration. I use Sketch and InVision to wireframe and prototype.

6. testing

I test my designs with users. From studying their behaviors and what they tell me, I continue to improve the experience through the iterative process.