Shawn Weston
Shawn Weston is a UX/UI Designer based in the Greater New York City Area


illustration portfolio

the directors' series

This illustration is one in a series of portraits showcasing the work of the best film directors in history. This one is dedicated to one of my favorite filmmakers — Billy Wilder, the auteur behind such classics as “Some Like It Hot,” “Sunset Boulevard,” “Ace in the Hole” and “Double Indemnity.” Hand-drawn in pencil on a sketch pad, then outlined and colored in post-production in Illustrator.  2017

A portrait of Martin Scorsese, drawn by hand in pencil on a sketch pad, outlined and colored in Illustrator.  2017

book release invitations

Illustrated and designed as part of a series of invitations sent to friends and family for the release party for Rachel Weston’s new book — “New Jersey Fresh: Four Seasons From Farm to Table.” The book offers readers a tour of New Jersey‘s farmers markets, as well as, recipes, anecdotes and lessons in seasonality and sustainability. Illustrations drawn in Prismacolor markers on a sketch pad.   2015