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Shawn Weston is a UX/UI Designer based in the Greater New York City Area

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Frances & Joe’s Wedding Invitations: Chapter 4 — Going Off-Script

I remembered a project I did years ago to design a hierarchical system for Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave,” from the Greek philosopher’s “The Republic.” It began as theoretical. How to translate a philosophical Socratic dialogue into a clear, concise diagram? I decided to start in the abstract. I dusted off my paintbrushes and began to sketch in acrylics, embracing the permanence of the ink. What I was after was a visual representation of what it would look like — and ultimately what I could see — inside that cave described in Plato’s dialogue.

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Frances & Joe’s Wedding Invitations: Chapter 3 — Meetup at The Kitchen

This time, we met up at The Kitchen at Grove Station on Marin Boulevard. Joe had already arrived, seated at a marble-topped café table. The dining room was cast in a dusky sunlight, diffused through a wintry layer of clouds and the café’s windowpanes. I immediately ordered a cup of coffee while we sized up the menu and made our selections with the waitress.

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Frances & Joe’s Wedding Invitations: Chapter 2 — A ‘Grand’ Plan

This project had several influences, both big and small, all happening at once. I've briefly touched upon the selection of fonts from Frances’ first inspiration to use typewritten lettering and the creation of my hand-drawn brush lettering, which I will get into more depth about in upcoming chapters.

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